Study Programme | Postgraduate Poultry Health Sciences

1st YEAR
(credits: 10; total student workload: 300h)

  • Basic Avian Sciences: Embryology, Anatomy, Physiology, Immunology, Breeding & Genetics
  • Poultry Production, Management, Husbandry & Biosecurity
  • Gut Health & Nutrition 

2nd YEAR
(credits: 10; total student workload: 300h)

  • Scientific Methods & Reasoning
  • Treatment & Prevention
  • Diseases of Poultry

3rd YEAR
(credits: 10; total student workload: 300h)

  • Poultry Behaviour & Welfare
  • Food Safety
  • Externship

Poultry Health Sciences brochure

Learn more about the Postgraduate course Poultry Health Sciences by downloading our brochure.

Class Timetables

Courses are organized as instructor-led and facilitated e-learning in the period October – April. Students will be able to study
and review course materials during their own time. Note that a limited number of classes may require attendance at online live
lectures given by a professor given at a set time.

Practical exercises
of the postgraduate Poultry Health Sciences are offered at a set time in enterprises in situ though, within
periods of one week twice per academic year (first and second year of the programme) or once per academic year (third year
of the programme).
Attendance at practical exercises is compulsory for all students.

Enrolment for the Postgraduate course in Poultry Health Sciences includes compulsory mobility for students to follow the
practical trainings and to take the exams.

Exam Timetables

Periodic evaluation in the first-term examination period will be organised onsite (programme Latin America: Brazil (Sao
Paolo); programme Europe: Belgium (Merelbeke); programme Asia: Philippines (Manilla)) in the period May 1st – June 30th.

If you failed/skipped an exam in the first examination period, you can retake the exam in the second examination period.
Periodic evaluation in the second-term examination period will be organized in the period August 1st – September 15th
in Belgium (Merelbeke) for all programmes.