Tuition fee


ACADEMIC YEAR 2021 – 2022:

YEAR 1 of Postgraduate in Poultry Health Sciences (10 credits):

Total tuition fee for 1st year: € 11 163.90 (1, 2)

1 The tuition fee consists of € 247.90 fixed amount + an amount per credit (€ 91.60) + an extra amount for the programme (€ 10 000.00))

2 This fee includes e-learning courses and practical trainings. This fee does NOT include accommodation and travel cost associated with participation in practical trainings and exams.

As a postgraduate student, you are an officially registered Ghent University students and you will also receive a Ghent University student card.

Total tuition fee in YEAR 2 and YEAR 3 will be similar as YEAR 1 (3)

(Approximation total tuition fee complete programme YEAR 1 – 3: €33 5003)

(3 Tuition fees are reviewed annually, amounts are subject to indexation and adjustments)


  • Tuition fee should be payed by bank transfer upon receipt of invoice following enrolment, mentioning the reference on the invoice (important).
  • Payment of tuition fee can in EURO (€, EUR) only.
  • It is not possible to issue an invoice addressed to an external third party (e.g. company), however, the third-party payer principle can be applied in which the employer pays the invoice addressed to the employee (by bank transfer, without forgetting to mention the reference on the invoice). If the third-party payer principle is not possible without any invoice addressed directly at the third party, you are required to pay the tuition fee and arrange any reimbursement options with the external third party.
  • All tuition fees should be paid with the reference mentioned on the invoice.